Welcome to the JaYoe nation.

ARGGGGG! Will the delays every end? A torn meniscus forces Ryan and I off the road once again.

Hi, I’m Matt (guy in the orange jacket) standing next to one of my best friends, Ryan.  Behind us are our beautiful recumbent trikes built to take us on an amazing journey.


I am on a mission. A mission to see the world, to capture moments, and to have as many amazing experiences as we possibly can.  Ryan, one of my best friends, has joined me for the first stage of the tour.  Together, we are currently riding thru Southeast Asia.

We are on a big tour with a loose set of rules.  No flying if we can help it, while we checking off countries along the way.  The ultimate plan is to ride thru 100 countries before ending in the USA, powering my way thru the world on recumbent 3 wheeled human powered trikes. I have 6 years from my start date of August 15th 2014, plenty of time to make friends, see all parts of the world, and produce videos about my travels to share with all of you.
mapfpIf you want to see where I have been or where Ryan and I are now, it could not be easier.  JaYoe.com has a really cool map that plots out where we are, what we have seen, where we intend to go, and displays videos we have made in the specific places around the world.  Just open the map and click on any point, and you will see stories, videos, pictures and information related to that place.


So join us… and Ja Yoe!

Oh, and for those of you who have no clue what JaYoe means… maybe this short video I made will help you to grasp the idea!

if you are in china, you cannot view these videos. Please CLICK HERE to see this video on YOUKU

The JaYoe Travelogue

The main function of the trip will be promoting travel and the joys of the world thru the lens of a video camera.  I created a travelogue called “the JaYoe Travelogue” to encompass the video I make along the way.  The videos will focus on the people, the places, the cultures and even the drama I encounter on my journey.  Below are some of the chapters of the JaYoe Travelogue series, but you can also see them on my Blog.


Watch all the JaYoe Travelogues!

This is my JaYoe Travelogue Series. Take a tour thru each episode.