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I am on a mission. A mission to see the world, to capture moments, to have as many amazing experiences as I possibly can and share them with all of you. I have climbed Everest, I have laid out a plan, I have equipped myself with a reliable ride and I'm ready to get back on the road April 30th.

Matthew Galat

The JaYoe World Tour

This website follows me as I embark on the JaYoe World Tour, a cycle/adventure tour cutting a path around the world, from Ningbo, China to Los Angeles, California. From the seat of a specially built recumbent trike, fully loaded with photo, audio and video recording and editing components, I will produce content along the way. My hope is that others can become inspired like I have, to explore their world in their own special way.

This trip is not only about getting from A to B, it is about accomplishing big life goals, things as I kid I thought were merely fantasies. It’s about living life to the fullest, adding fuel to my life in the form of travel and adventure. This is the embodiment of JaYoe!

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A Bit About Me…

I was born in Detroit Michigan on June 21st, 1979. I grew up as an aimless dreamer, encouraged to follow my heart above all else. Driven by integrity to strive for success, I pursued a self employed life, taking me thru numerous ups and downs. From Detroit to Florida, Florida to Las Vegas, then Las Vegas to Ningbo, China. In China things got interesting. I found my passion for travel here, as well as my desire to explore.

Today I find myself on the road to an uncertain but adventurous future. Camera in my hand, I feel I have finally found my mission in life. To ever explore, and share it as much as possible.


I am infected. I am infected with the passion of capturing moments on video and in photos. I have gathered the best lightweight gear I can find, and plan to share my life with you.


In my mind, life is like a business. Great risk reveals hidden rewards, and stagnation leads to failure. Inside my tour around the world I am constantly looking for opportunities hidden within.


My background is product design and graphic arts. This helps in many ways, from finding creative solutions to problems, to being able to capture a moment in a truly unique way.


From my first peak of Haba Mountain to the tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest.  I hope to return one day and finish what I started, and along the way add interesting peaks to the list.


Using the power of your own body and spirit is incredible. By cycling, you can harness the power within yourself to propel you around the world.


Looking at the world as the ultimate “yes” man is critical to living a full life. I take chances, engage in events that may unfold in front of my eyes. Just look, then leap, then JaYoe!


JaYoe is a phrase taken from the Chinese “加油”. Literally it means “to add fuel”, and is spoken as a form of encouragement to anyone trying to excel at what they are doing. All you need to do is add enough fuel, and anything is possible. It goes beyond travel and becomes a mantra for life..


I started vlogging semi-daily just before I climbed Everest.  My mission with the vlog was to capture every day dramas, struggles and activities of life.  I found it extremely interesting and it has become my primary way of telling stories of life in china, on the road and wherever the wind takes me.

An interview to learn a bit about my VLOG!



The JaYoe Travelogues was a steady documentary video series I produced before I started my semi-daily VLOG.  It is a great place to get started understanding the motivations and foundations of the JaYoe World Tour.

Check out the last JaYoe Travelogue!

Life is what you make of it, it's all up to you. You just need to add enough fuel. JaYoe!


The JaYoe Nation Podcast is a audio series dedicated the the travels of Matt as he rides around the world on his recumbent trike and checks off bucket list items along the way. The podcasts cover everything from the day’s ride, equipment reviews and technical talk to interviews with other travelers, city and reviews of local food and preparations in order to reach my milestone moments. Podcasts go beyond what you can explain in depth in a video and are for those people interested in learning the in’s and out’s of what goes on as a person embarks on a world adventure tour.  (this series had been dormant for quite a while, but it will rise again!)

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Learn about the world thru the JaYoe World Tour

The JaYoe World Tour is designed to give you a broader perspective of the world. Entertaining and informing you about places you may never get to visit yourself. In depth content about real life experiences from all over the globe.

I have worked hard to create this innovative map that can allow you to see where I have been as well as where I want to go, in vivid detail. Click the button below for expanded details on the map itself as well as the milestones I plan to accomplish along the way!

Special thanks to those of you that have helped me along the way.

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