Welcome to the JaYoe nation.

Almost there.... waiting for some parts to come in to get the trike running reliably...

Hi, I’m Matt… and this is my Trike.

trikeme2-3I am on a mission. A mission to see the world, to capture moments, and to have as many amazing experiences as I possibly can. At this very second I am somewhere between my Expatriate home of Ningbo, China and my eventual destination of Los Angeles, California. No flying if I can help it, and checking off 100 countries along the way, I am powering my way thru the world on a recumbent 3 wheeled cycle. I have 6 years from my start date of August 15th 2014, plenty of time to make friends, see all parts of the world, and produce videos about my travels to share with all of you.
mapfpIf you want to see where I am, I could not have made it easier.  I have a really cool map that plots out where I am, what I have seen, where I intend to go, and displays videos I have made in the specific places around the world.  Just open the map and click on any point, and you will see stories, videos, pictures and information related to that place.


So join me… and Ja Yoe!

Oh, and for those of you who have no clue what JaYoe means… maybe this short video I made will help you to grasp the idea!

if you are in china, you cannot view these videos. Please CLICK HERE to see this video on YOUKU

The JaYoe Travelogue

The main function of the trip will be promoting travel and the joys of the world thru the lens of my video camera.  I created a travelog called “the JaYoe Travelogue” to encompass the video I make along the way.  The videos will focus on the people, the places, the cultures and even the drama I encounter on my journey.  Below are some of the chapters of the JaYoe Travelogue series, but you can also see them on my Blog.

RECENT EPISODE: JaYoe Travelogues | Chapter 40 | Chengdu: Hot Pot and Pandas

Watch the whole series on the playlist here!

This is my JaYoe Travelogue Series. Take a tour thru each episode.


Contact Info

faceThanks for looking at my website,  If you want to send me a quick "whats up?" or suggestion.  You have lots of ways.  I tried to make it easy.   First, you can send an email to matt@jayoe.com.  If that does not wet your fancy, you can go to my Facebook page.
If you have a wechat, you can find me there ID# 1182082850



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