There are many ways to travel. Driving, Trains, Walking, Flying. I decided to use Human Power to be the method of getting from place to place on my journey. Partly due to the idea of traveling green, partly for the health benefits, Partly for the ease of getting a cycle across country lines, and partly due to the silence involved in moving thru the world on my own power. But I am not going to be using just any mode of transportation; I am going to be riding a 3-wheeled cycle called a Trike. This is not your “big wheel” from childhood, this is an advanced modern vehicle designed to move you around quickly as well as keeping you in a relaxed reclined position.

The idea was actually impressed upon me by my friend Ryan, who suggested this would be the best possible mode of transportation for a world trip. I was not interested in the idea of a Trike in the beginning, but Ryan sold me on it. He noted the idea of sitting back while you are riding, taking the strain off your back. He noted the benefit of taking a hill as slow as you can, and never tipping over, as a 2 wheeled bike might do. And at the top of the list of reasons, the lack of pressure and strain on your prostate. Often times excessive distance on a typical upright bike can put strain on your “man parts”, and in some cases can even make you sterile.

When convinced of that…. I was pretty much sold.

After the idea for a Trike was settled in, I had to find a company that makes them to partner with me. I was worried that if I just bought one and then hit the road, I would run into problems with a relatively unique form of transportation in the middle of nowhere and run into problems. I also knew that I needed a trike that was a enhanced style to accommodate the type of travel and the video equipment I was going to subject it to, not necessarily the “off the shelf” model.

Ryan and I actually planned on traveling together in the beginning, and we both visited a trike and recumbent cycle dealer in Los Angeles, California. We tested and inspected all forms of trike, from Ice trikes to AZUB. All of them had their strengths and weaknesses, but it came down to comfort and durability. One brand that we had both heard a lot about was missing that day, the HP Velotechnik Full Suspension Scorpion.

Luckily, they were taking delivery of a Scorpion for a client in the next week, and I was able to test it out a couple weeks later.

To my excitement, the scorpion felt comfortable and rigid enough to tackle my intended path, so I set out to meet with them in Germany. Just outside of Frankfurt, at the HP Velotechnik headquarters, I met with the company presidents and marketing team. I gave them an idea of my trip and why I thought they would be a good fit for what I was planning to do, and asked for a “partnership” of sorts. I asked them to provide me with a Scorpion with a few helpful additions and give me after service as I travel thru the world just in case some problems befall me. In return I will enjoy the world from the seat of their Trike, and film every minute of it. This will give them exposure, and give me a reliable mode of transportation.

They liked the idea, and invited me back to visit them in May, to assemble and learn about the trike myself.


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