I have not written a actual blog post in a while, so I thought it was due time for one. I am in Ji’an, a medium sized city south of NanChang. If you have no idea where that is…. Don’t fret. I have a map for that! I stopped here out of necessity. Necessity to catch up on the primary focus for of the trip, which is to produce cool and interesting videos about the places I am visiting along the way. I set up sort of a temporary studio, plugged in my laptop… and then got to work. I have been here for a week now and I have made some good progress, but I yesterday I figured enough wan enough and decided to make today my last day. Tomorrow I move on south headed to Guandong province.   I felt like I didn’t give Ji’an its justice, due to the fact that I have been in my hotel room instead of venturing out and about to capture the essence of the city, so today I tried to do so. I went to a small historic village called MeiPi. It was not a holiday. It was not the weekend. And villagers were scarce if not missing altogether. I was hoping to have an enriching village experience, which I am not unaccustomed to. Colors… old buildings…. Lanterns… people going about their daily lives as they would have hundreds of years before. Well… I guess one hundred years before people didn’t really do much.. Because that is what they were doing today.

Ahh well…. Not all the little sideline moments along this route will be full of excitement. I will just have to do with a nice stroll thru a old, dusty, lonely village in the south of Ji’an. Tonight I will walk around the square in the center of town, where I am sure to find a much more lively situation. I plan to chronicle a bit of the “nightlife” in the square. It’s not nightlife you may be thinking. No hopping clubs or classic cars. More like Tai chi and old women dancing their own form of choreographed hustle. Not the same, but still very interesting.

Tomorrow I get up at 5 am and try to make a looooong ride. If I don’t get too many hills, I could do a mile century… 100. JaYoe!


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