The JaYoe Travelogue

Real Video | Real Life | Real Journey

Seeing is Believing

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but a well constructed video has the potential to be priceless.  Delivering my view of the world to you.

A Mobile Studio

My studio was on 5 wheels.  Carrying all the gear I needed to not only capture the world, but produce it as well.  It added a lot of weight, but it opened a world of possibilities.

Every step of the way

The joys of traveling for 5 years cannot be summed up in one or two documentaries.  Instead, my life on tour is broken down “en-route” into smaller bite sized stories.

On and off the road

The JaYoe Travelogues didn’t follow me only from the seat of my trike, but also as I made my way up mountains, into the ocean and everywhere in-between.

No Sugar Added

The goal of the JaYoe Travelogues was to deliver a story that allows whoever may be watching to have a taste of what life on the JaYoe World Tour was like.  It wasn’t about sugar coating, it was simply about telling the truth.  Honestly, if you are engaged in life and giving it all, there isn’t a need to add sugar to make the story seem any “more” interesting.  It just is.  My JaYoe Travelogue Series has evolved into my JY_VLOG series.  Please check out the JY VLOG when you finish with the travelogues.  The story goes on, just in a slightly different way.

"Add Fuel To Life"