The hostel we are staying at, Meander Hostel in Taipei, is full of interesting people with interesting stories.  So while I try to “do nothing” as hard as humanly possible to let my knee heal up, I end up having some meaningful interaction with some of the people passing thru.

I had intended for this podcast to be mainly about a guy named Alek.  Alek is a employee at the hostel, using the job as his primary mode of transportation while he finds amazing and interesting places to satisfy his passion for rock climbing and surfing.  But inadvertently while I was editing in the hostel lobby, I was approached by a couple of residents asking what I was up too.  Kirsty and her boyfriend Dale are on an amazing journey, and they told me all about it in the Modern Toilet restaurant near the hostel while I waited for Alek to arrive to work.

Two amazing stories of travel, and one interesting “poop-themed” dinner.

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The JaYoe Nation Podcast follows Matt and Ryan as we make our way from China all the way to USA on the seat of our recumbent trikes. This podcast gives you a chance to see the in’s and out’s of what goes into traveling around the world. Learn about the places, people, and cultures as well as the gear and personal journey’s that take place during a tour like this.

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