We decided to take one more painful ride to the city of Wenzhou with the help of Ryan taking the trailer off my back for a while. It’s time to make some tough choices. I cannot continue to ride this heavy. So seeing as though we are not too far from my home base of Ningbo, I decided to cut out ALL non essentials and take it with me on the fast train to Ningbo. There I will offload it and get my knee checked out, and return lighter and hopefully with less pain tomorrow. And be ready to get back on the road!

The JaYoe Nation Podcast follows Matt and Ryan as we make our way from China all the way to USA on the seat of our recumbent trikes. This podcast gives you a chance to see the in’s and out’s of what goes into traveling around the world. Learn about the places, people, and cultures as well as the gear and personal journey’s that take place during a tour like this.

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Born in Detroit. The son of a hard working innovator and a selfless homemaker. Raised to dream. Bred to believe we are put on this earth to make a difference. Left home at 19. Moved to Las Vegas at 25. Moved to China at 30. Began to Journey at 35. More to come.

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  • wild steve says:

    In response to Ryan’s query for tire advice, here is a helpful link based on a lot of road time:

    • matt says:

      I know ryan has been researching on trike asylum. Coincidentally I just got a call from him in Wenzhou. The hotel just called him and said his rear 26 just spontaneously popped

  • Gary says:

    Bike tire sizes can be confusing. For 20 inch there are multiple rim sizes and they are not interchangeable. Look at the size on the tires and ignore the inch size (example 20 X 1.75) and look for the ISO Bead Seat Diameter (example 47-406). The 406 is the ISO Bead Seat Diameter and it’s the rim size. That is the number that HAS to match. The 26 inch wheel most likely has a ISO Bead Seat Diameter of 559 but like the 20 inch there are multiple options.

    Here is a very informative site about tire sizes http://www.sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html

  • Hi guy’s I’m sorry to hear about, your downsizing, but I can understand… I can’t say that I agree with all your choices, but that’s you, and I’m me…! Basically I would suggest other things to get rid of, than some of the things you’re getting rid of… I would probably get rid of a lot of things that I just know I could get rid of, and not any thing that there would be any doubt in my mind as to how important that they really are… I would not get rid of the tent, but yes I would get another Hennessy Hammock… This would be for the sake if you cannot find a place for the Hammock, you can always use the tent, there could be these freak storms that would be just more prudent to keep them both, I know but believe me this could be the difference between a life and death situation… OK, onto other things… Although I am sure that you will more than likely find water where ever you go, you do have to remember unknowing is the mother of necessity, and you cannot make that call and still be absolutely sure… I would keep the water purifier, or at least a steri pen or a couple of water straws…! As for personal things like your didgeridoo I would most certainly gotten rid of that, but, and here is that big word ” But ” there are those down times when you do need to have some personal effects so as to remember who you are, and for the times you have to do some down time and you are board… OK, enough said I think about personal items , and on to more important issues, what do you mean you left on a world tour, and not brought extra parts with you especially tires.. If I had been going on a world tour, and we all know that would never happen because of my ongoing medical needs, that I will have for the remainder of my life.. I would have never left without a extra set of tires, I mean come on guys tires how important is that… as well as tubes… Chain parts with extra king pins and snap in’s very important.. We all leave on our first trip not thinking of some of the important things in life that can, and will happen… I can not stress enough on you as to the importance of preparedness… I could only wish I knew of your decision to return to the barn Matt but it is some thing you need to do and I know it…! Hope fully when you get there you, sit down and really focus on the task at hand which is downsizing..! Do you remember the conversation we had about staging points, and you told me you would not know where you would need these points and also the costs involved in doing so, I bet that may have even crossed your mind again, but not really as much a necessity… You need to really focus right now and don’t let impulse be your judging factor… You got me really worried now, about you guys, and your some times rash moves… I could only wish that I was your advisor for this trip, and I know you would be safer, and better prepared for your journey.. You really need to slow down, and carefully think about what you are doing, you need to start being rational about your choices, get yourself together for a very long haul.. These are choices you have chosen to undertake solidifi them as you don’t have a bunch of chances to redo everything, think about everything you are taking, and give them thought, and thought again, and think about worst case scenarios, even the best tacticians in history, have second thought themselves when going on a large undertaking… No one can fault you for being prepared…! I don’t want you to do anything you would not ordinarily do, but do them with thought, think long and hard between items you intend to leave and things that just must stay…! I will be around all day today, on FaceBook, and if you want to IM me, cool, I could give you a lot of advice, and maybe a number to call which would be more effective to you, and your needs… Good Luck and Ja Yoe….!

  • derdeyn stefan says:

    Hi, Stefan again here,
    24000 Km on the Scorpion has learned me that there is only one choice of tires : the marathon plus !! They are indeed available in 20″ (1.35 and 1.75 width) and 26″ (1.35 1.50 1.75 2.00 width). You will find the sizes on the sidewall of the tyre. be aware that the 1.75 width and higher will eventually collect mud under the Scorpion fenders and that the back tire will wear out 3 times as fast as the front tyres in about 10000 Km. The inner tubes are less important but know that the Swalbes will hold the pressure MUCH longer. (I am not paid by the Germans…) Ja Yoe, stefan

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