Tired.  That is how I categorize my feelings as I record this podcast.  But the show must go on, so me and Ryan pulled out the mics and went over the first 2 eventful days we have had so far while being on the road.

If you are interested in checking out the AIDOO trailer we talked about in this podcast, here is a link to their website.

The JaYoe Nation Podcast follows Matt and Ryan as we make our way from China all the way to USA on the seat of our recumbent trikes. This podcast gives you a chance to see the in’s and out’s of what goes into traveling around the world. Learn about the places, people, and cultures as well as the gear and personal journey’s that take place during a tour like this.

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Born in Detroit. The son of a hard working innovator and a selfless homemaker. Raised to dream. Bred to believe we are put on this earth to make a difference. Left home at 19. Moved to Las Vegas at 25. Moved to China at 30. Began to Journey at 35. More to come.

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  • I knew you guys would freak when you took notice of the attention you bring when you are traveling through a village or new city, because many a time , well lets just say back in my education years I had gone on a junket to europe and was supposedly studying, or at least that was what my folks were hoping I was doing, which for the most part I did, but when you see that you have brought attention to yourself when entering a new place as you guys have been noticing it’s kinda like meeting an old friend again I guess you could say, they know you exist but not have seen you or an American they start by letting you know how happy they are you stopped there, and want you to be very pleased, or comfortable, so when you go back to the U.S. you will remember them, and they have customs that make it like it has to be done even if they are not really sure about you but it is a matter of their honer, to have you be pleased with their way of life…! It’s really cool, the last stop for me was Greece, which I had so much of a blast I wound up renting a little villa there and stayed for almost 2 yrs., and it all started one day when coming home from the local market, with my little lexicon in my hand, and practicing my Greek as I’m walking, when this little old lady come running out to the road, huh road, will discuss that another time, but she was all smiles with the kids running up to me grabbing my hair and like checking out my clothing and just being really nice but very inquisitive, but they like drag me in of the street to like this court yard kinda place where they lived and was bring me water a cool rag fresh figs, ouzo, and metaxa as if I was in a taverna like a bar, but just in these peoples home who’s daughter speaks a little english and starts explaining to me that it was her grand mother who came out to greet me in the road and that her family would like to have me for dinner, and that I should make my self at home is there anything I need, you name it it was great… But to make a long story short because I know you guys have to read, a lot of emails, and texts, But they got me drunk and feed me took care of my donkeys, yes I had donkeys there, I’ll get into that another time…But they treated me like I was family, and I could never again pass their home with out tipping my hat and wishing them good day or good morning, and everything else, you know what I mean.. But I didn’t understand right away and Neatsa the granddaughter explained it to me that they don’t go traveling around during noon because the sun was to hot that time of day and they did not want me to fry my brain lOl…! It was great fun and they treated me very well and when I came back to the US their family here wanted to know me and treated me as the same as if I where in Greece… But that is what it is like to some of these people and they do not want you to think they are idiots, or bad mannered, so they treat you like you are family or a guest of honer in their home. And I think the woman wanted to take your picture with your phone so that you would have the pictures of yourselves like a tourist would ask someone to hold the camera for them and take their picture, I hope I’m explaining it so you understand…! But I believe that she was just trying to be nice and that you are tourists and should be treated as so, not like an individuals home where they bring you to meet the family but they think that is what you want them to do for you… Enough from me… Can’t wait to hear more of your views as you go along your trek into life… So Ja Yoe…!

    P.S. : Tell Ryan to wear a helmet…! especially with no headlight, I wish there was a way for me to send you one because I would…!

  • Matt sorry to tell you this, but I did get a hold of the company that built your trailer, and they say they are unable to sell within the US, but it does not change the fact that it’s a great trailer, and I’m envious of your ability to secure one for your use…!
    Ja Yoe…!

  • Love the podcast. There’s a reason why most podcasts are two or more people and you two just proved why. Glad your having a good time. Get Ryan a light or two. JaYoe!

  • Ron Nelson says:

    Great job on the podcast. Looking forward to each episode. Safe travel with high adventure!

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