Well…. Ryan is here and we have a lot to talk about! We rode for the first time as trike mates, and he brought some great new gear from the states. Sorry about some of the audio issues… we are learning…

If you are interested in some of the things we talked about in this podcast, here are some links.
The Expedition Recumbent Pants: http://www.benditcycling.com/Expedition-Recumbent-Shorts_p_195.html
My new Microphones: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/68464-REG/Shure_SM58S_SM58S_Cardioid_Dynamic.html
Ryan’s Trident Trike Transport 26 http://www.tridenttrikes.com/transport.htm
Thanks again to Pat at TerraCycle for sending us some stuff to get Ryan’s Trike all ready: http://t-cycle.com/

The JaYoe Nation Podcast follows Matt and Ryan as we make our way from China all the way to USA on the seat of our recumbent trikes. This podcast gives you a chance to see the in’s and out’s of what goes into traveling around the world. Learn about the places, people, and cultures as well as the gear and personal journey’s that take place during a tour like this.

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Born in Detroit. The son of a hard working innovator and a selfless homemaker. Raised to dream. Bred to believe we are put on this earth to make a difference. Left home at 19. Moved to Las Vegas at 25. Moved to China at 30. Began to Journey at 35. More to come.

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  • Jacques Bijl says:

    I wish you a very safe journey. Beautiful route ahead of you although you should include Tasmania.

  • Graham says:

    Hi I am confused has he got a trike ? and if so what is it and whats his set up, I have to admit it is all beginning to feel a bit corporate, if you look around there are people out there riding around the world on a trike or have done it, there seems a lot of talk and nothing really happening! I think once you get out in the rain and the Mud and the brake downloads the sweet and the down times and an wack me up when you start the tide for resale and all the ccht and spin stops when you grinding along in the rain and meeting ship heads and you’re getting punctures and split tyers busted spokes chain problems and then pulling muscles and sore strand keens sists and the ships and colds and all the talk will fly out the window, i cant Wait till the reality to kike in and you to get pissed off with each other at time.let me know when you start I will be there all the way

    • Hay Gram it doesn’t have to be that way, Maybe you may have had some bad times but these guys haven’t even left the barn yet, So it is very much possible that your analogy could be very wrong.. So why don’t you give them a break, and let them do the riding and you be the listener, and if anything like that happens like that, then you can say I told you so, but till then why don’t you just take a chair sit back, and listen, and if you really have to say some thing start your own podcast…! And if you really have anything important to say maybe we’ll listen….!

    • matt says:

      Hey Graham. I am going to have to copy and paste this a few different places, cause you commented this same thing a couple times.
      Ryan, one of my best friends, wanted to join the beginning of my trip. He also wanted to ride a trike… as a matter of fact… he was the guy that encouraged the trike in the first place. He converted me.
      We found a trike in Shanghai at a reasonable price in his budget (A trident trike transport 26… standard setup with a mesh seat and a luggage rack http://www.tridenttrikes.com/transport.htm) and over the course of about a month we got him a VISA to enter China, and equipped him to join me.
      He just got here… and we are set to start the JaYoe World Tour this next week.
      I’m excited… he is excited… and I am sure lots of people out in the world are waiting… and have been for a long time. I understand your feelings, as I have them myself, but make no mistake, I am in this for the joy of travel, and not to be a “trike techie”… or a “glutton for punishment”. You will get a lot of what you want…. The troubles, trials and tribulations, and you will even see a lot of the trikes. But my mission from the beginning was to bring the attitudes, experiences, locations, and interactions inherent with what happens when you travel to people that may not be able to know them otherwise. I tried to make a few ways for people to join… facebook for the social media people… travelogues for people interested in the drama of travel in a more experiential and produced way… Maps, Websites, other video styles and Blogs for the people looking for info… a Podcast for those interested in listening to more in depth thoughts on a variety of topics… and even more in the works. But this is not going to be trike centric. It’s going to be travel centric.
      If you are looking to see me trip, stumble, fall, bend, break, argue with my best friend and all around have a miserable experience, you will get what you want. But as I suspect and hope from knowing you all these months, what you really want to see is me overcome. Which you will.
      In the end… you comment because you care. At first I took offence, and even got a little angry… but the meat of it is that even the people that disagree or have disparaging remarks are people that care in their own special way. And if my plan is to be a Social Corporate Traveller…. I’m going to have to understand that. Thanks Graham.e…. Travel… and Video…. Forever. It’s my mission. Call me corporate or a sellout or whatever you like, but if you are insinuating that I am becoming a “corporate video personality who is only speaking about his life traveling and making quality content”…. I am more apt to say “thank you” than take any . And if you think that the videos and content are going to end when the going gets rough and my feet start getting dirty again…. You are in store for some disappointment my friend.
      In the end… you comment because you care. At first I took offence, and even got a little angry… but the meat of it is that even the people that disagree or have disparaging remarks are people that care in their own special way. And if my plan is to be a Social Corporate Traveler…. I’m going to have to understand that.

  • The problem is not the mic, but Matt, Suzanne …! Lmao…! He won’t give the poor guy, the time to speak, before he is answering for him…! But I thought all kidding aside the same as you very good audio and I have my puter connected to a logitech z906 surround sound system just so I can listen to podcasts as I’m working, and I don’t have a clue to as where Matt thinks he hears all of that…! But I agree with you…!

    • matt says:

      Ha… maybe… but i think the conversation moved along well. I have some really good earphones in my ears during the taping… and i could hear every little nuance…when i listened to it on my phone… for sure it sounded a lot better… 🙂

      • Yea …! I didn’t hear the sounds you were describing, so as far as I can say it was just great..! Maybe because that you were both sitting close together in a quiet room you kind a embellish the sound because you don’t have any of the normal background sounds, filling in those little nuances that you would normally hear… But on our end you both sounded great, so keep up the great work and Ja Yoe…! Really looking forward to that day seeing you go off on the road for the first time again.. And please stop hitting the Chinese trucks you may start an international incident …! LoL…! No go forward, and be happy, just a little joking there, I can’t wait now for my tiny little journey compared to yours, mine is tiny, and everybody here thinks my journey is too ambitious so I have no turning back now I have to go through with it especially due to the fact so many people donated money for my ride, and expenses ,Besides I haven’t been to the Keys since I was a little kid of about 8 or 9 so I’m really looking forward to that moment to stand in that same spot where my picture was taken so many years ago ,and have a new photo taken, and compare them side to side… Well got to run…! Ja Yoe to you both…!

  • Rob del says:

    Enjoying it all….the podcasts are fun and somewhat of a friendship builder I have also watched the videos…and now it’s 6 wheels. Cool!

  • wild steve says:

    Look at it this way Ryan: Matt has a lot more experience stopping large trucks than you do – let the expert follow!

  • wild steve says:

    Ryan – Tell Matt you want to ride in front! Actually, you will be riding first because his rolling weight is so high that you will easily be able to remain in the lead.

  • Glad to hear your friend Ryan has arrived, Maybe now you will finally get on the road and pump out some miles… Wishing you both the best and many a fruitful miles of journey…! JaYoe…!

  • Suzanne Jager says:

    I cannot hear any popping and cannot hear Ryan breathing!! Sound is crisp and clear, just like you’re talking right across from me!!

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