So how did I come up with the exact path around the world? Why did I choose certain points and why did I connect them the way I did. I promise you, there was a method to my madness. Let me take this as my opportunity to pick thru the JaYoe World Tour map… and possibly enlighten you all to the why’s and the how’s. You may want to follow along on the tour map on

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The JaYoe Nation Podcast follows Matt as he makes his way from China all the way to USA on the seat of our recumbent trikes. This podcast gives you a chance to see the in’s and out’s of what goes into traveling around the world. Learn about the places, people, and cultures as well as the gear and personal journey’s that take place during a tour like this.

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Born in Detroit. The son of a hard working innovator and a selfless homemaker. Raised to dream. Bred to believe we are put on this earth to make a difference. Left home at 19. Moved to Las Vegas at 25. Moved to China at 30. Began to Journey at 35. More to come.

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  • Suzanne Jager says:

    Oh yes, I’ve gotten through all your podcasts, really, really!!! Only problem I had was I had to open two windows so I could listen to you explain your map while I was looking at your map and following you. It’s an easy thing to do but would have been nice not to shave to witch back and forth when I needed to pause you and check out some areas of your map!!

    • matt says:

      Hey Suzanne! Thats great you listened…. You know.. if you have a android phone or a apple phone you can get the podcast on your phone.. and it will even upload to there any time i have a new one… that is how i do it with all my audio podcasts…. VERY COOL you are listening though… You can find links to the android store or apple store on the podcast page or on the front page.

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