Terra Cycle sent me some amazing accessories for my world tour trike. I posted these on YouTube a while ago and thought I would put them up on the website as well. They make my trike a lot more versatile and fun to use on the road.  Click thru the videos on the above playlist.  Below is some helpful info about each component.

Terra Cycle – HPVT Scorpion SeatSide Mount Kit (Back of Seat)

One of the great things about triking is how nice it is to have everything right at hand as you roll along. With a SeatSide mount, you can have all sorts of things close at hand.
Our HP Velotechnik Scorpion SeatSide Mount lets you carry bags, water bottles, cameras, all sorts of things, right by your side. Snacks, phones, lip balm, you name it, now you can keep it all within reach while riding.

This mount attaches to the back of any ErgoMesh seat. The mount curves out and down to stay clear of the seat adjustment clamp and the rear rack, then it comes forward to your side. The seatside arm can be attached on either side, or (optionally) both if you wish.

They have side seat mounts for all sorts of scenarios. Just ask them. For me, i wanted to have bags on BOTH SIDES. most trikers will only want one side bag. I wanted to have access to my most used camera equipment and lenses…and i didn’t want to increase my overall width too much outside my wheelbase. When the setup arrived, it was compensating for the width a bit too much for my taste, so a few simple cuts and relocating the ends allowed me to get the bags to hug the seat a little more. Now i am streamlines and can get at all my stuff in Arkel’s waterproof durable bags!

Check it out on their website here: http://t-cycle.com/seatside-mount-system-c-117/complete-kits-c-117_118/hpvt-scorpion-seatside-mount-kit-back-of-seat-p-262.html

Terra Cycle – Cockpit Mount/Vertical Attachment

The Cockpit Mount with Vertical Attachment allows you to position cockpit mounts anywhere and everywhere in your cockpit. With two Double-Ended Clamps, a 40mm Straight Link Tube, and a 5″ x 9″ Asymmetric T-Bar, forward/backward, left/right, and up/down transform from obstacles to options! Made for attachment to vertically oriented handlebars (like most trikes and USS recumbents), the Cockpit Mount with Vertical Attachment lets you put everything in the ideal position.

Note that Cockpit Mounts are designed for mounting accessories like computers, phones, lights, mirrors, and GPSs. They are not designed to be an exit assist grip. They are strong, but not that strong! If you need an exit assist grip, you will need something designed for that purpose.

I personally found that this mount allowed me to separate my ride computer and my phone in a way that was stable, but also separate enough that they didn’t get in each others way. I found it hard to have both my phone and my computer on the same plane… but this helped stagger them so both were equally visible.

Check it out here: http://t-cycle.com/accessory-mounting-c-71/accessory-mounts-c-71_73/cockpit-mountvertical-attachment-p-39.html

Terra Cycle – Multi-Purpose Accessory Mount

Beautiful. Durable. Functional. If you don’t have one, the Multi-Purpose Accessory Mount is the best thing that hasn’t happened to your bike. But chances are this isn’t your first time here, because few people buy just one. We don’t necessarily condone it, but this lightweight mount is so strong, you can lift your bike by it. What’s amazing, though, is that with its dual pivoting legs that come in three sizes, it can mount anywhere. Seriously. Just go ahead and check out our Accessory Mount Photo Gallery to see some inventive combinations other customers have come up with.
Add one or two Extender Kits (http://t-cycle.com/-p-29.html) and you’ll suddenly find yourself with more room than you know what to do with! The triangulating legs cut out the shaking that flimsier mounts create, and allows for insane versatility.
Go ahead, buy just one. We’ll have another ready for you when you’re back for more.

Now…. for this one I personally do not think i will keep it on the front, as shown in the video. I have a VELTOP that will use this trike real estate… but i wanted to show how most people use this component.

Check out the mount here: http://t-cycle.com/accessory-mounting-c-71/accessory-mounts-c-71_73/multipurpose-accessory-mount-p-31.html

Terra Cycle – Bottle Mount

This is a mixture of Terra Cycle parts that allowed me to clamp a bottle mount onto one of my upright stand up assists from HP Velotechnik. I wanted to have something up higher and upright that i could access easily on the road.. and this fit the bill. My standup assist bars are a great base to build accessories onto, and I am glad i could hook this up!

Check out their selection of parts here: http://t-cycle.com/accessory-mounting-c-71/mounting-hardware-c-71_72/

TerraCycle – Mini Cockpit T

Ever wish you could mount a mirror off to the side of your handlebar? Ever wish you could put your computer right at the top of your handlebar? Ever wish you had a hand rest on the end of your handlebar? Ever wish you had something to grip to give you a little extra boost to get on and off the seat? Well, sometimes wishes come true! This mini T-bar plugs in and clamps on to the end of your handlebar and lets you do all those things and more!

I personally found this helpful as a replacement to the hand shifter bar end, which was sort of flimsy and plastic. This replaced the cap with something durable, and usable. I had also bought 2 wrist rests from HP Velotechnik, and was a little dissatisfied with putting them under the brake lever. these ends allowed me to put them above the handles, raising my arm and elbow into a more comfortable riding position when I was in a cruising speed. Im excited to put them to hard use on the road!


Terra Cycle did not pay me to make these videos. I met Pat, the owner, and his team online, and he has been helpful in my trip and in answering questions and giving me their advice. I produced these as thanks for his help, but also to shed light on the quality of his products. As I travel around the world, it is important to have good gear from companies with integrity. Terra Cycle fits that description.

If you are looking to get anything from Terra Cycle, you can find them online at:
or catch up with them when you are in Oregon!
TerraCycle, Inc.
5726 SE Center
Portland, OR 97206 USA
1-800-371-5871 (North America)
+1 503-231-9798 (Outside North America)

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