INSPIRED is a special category of podcast I will develop on my journey around the world. It is going to focus on interesting and important people I bump into that have inspired me and that inspire others in their own special way. The format of these conversations will be lightly edited and will focus on the person I’m talking too rather than the flair of the edit. One of the best parts of traveling is meeting amazing people, and this is my chance to share those meetings with you. So enjoy as I talk with these inspirational members if the JaYoe Nation.

if you cannot see the above video it is because you are probably in China.  Im sorry but i had to choose to put my videos on YouTube.  Try to find a VPN!

My first JYP (JaYoePodcast) INSPIRED subject is Sylvie Meltzer. I have known Sylvie for the past 4 years I have been here in China. Her vitality and her ideas about live and what is important for her to stay happy have been an inspiration to me. She is a fellow Expatriate in China working as a teacher. Over the time I have known her I have seen her travel on a shoestring budget, have some amazing adventures in India and all parts of the world. She always looks to the future to be her own person and make her own way in the world beside her boyfriend “soon to be husband” Nick.

SV-2At one point, they helped lite a fire in me that prompted the creation of what would eventually be the JaYoe World Tour. It happened when they approached me about doing a cross China bicycle trip to a city called Lhasa. The trip never materialized, but the seeds were planted and the idea of me making a long distance trip was firmly entrenched in my mind.

Sylvie returned from an amazing trip just a couple months ago, which is why I wanted to talk more about it on the podcast. The trip was to a remote icy island called Svalbard. Svalbard is known for polar bears, ice and the northern lights. It is about as far from an idyllic beach paradise as one can imagine, but something inside me said that someone like Sylvie could turn it into a priceless JaYoe adventure.

On top of all of it… she has an awesome accent…

If you are interested in Sylvie’s Youtube Channel full of fun and good hearted adventure, and some kick ass dance moves, then you can find it here.
Particularly the Ice Ice baby video

If you want to learn more about the rickshaw run, then take some time and look at the following link. On top of it being a interesting race, there are others on the site to check out. Not to mention that this is one of the most beautifully laid out websites I have seen… so enjoy.

The article i was talking about referring to the new ocean paths cut around the North Pole thawing revealing new shipping routes can be found here.

If you are interested in more information about the little known island near the North Pole, then check out Svalbard’s wiki page

After our talk, we conversed a little about the future of the JaYoe journey, and she wanted to ask some questions of me.

What do you think of the video?
How do you feel about the conversation we had one on one at the end?

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