Stéphane DELERY


3621 route d’Albertville
Tel: 0033 (0) 4 50 77 56 17
Fax: 0033 (0) 4 50 63 45 36



Early on in my search for my trike, I was concerned about the elements. Rain and the unrelenting sun can kill the joy of riding. That is the reason I sought out Veltop. This company specializes in hardcore canopies for trikes, scooters and a bunch of things in between. I met the owner when I visited the SPEZI show, but I had known them for some time before that. They hooked me up with a great top for the tiger duck, and I have used it on many occasions. The great thing about my Veltop is that it comes with an integrated wind/rain shield that protects my legs. I enjoy riding with the top completely off, and just with my windshield protecting me from the brunt of most of what mother nature can throw at me. The canopy is easy to assemble, and can collapse very small (minus the windshield).

I have a real respect for the team there as well. Although I have met them once in person, we communicate very effectively thru email, and they have been helpful in sending parts out to china to keep me rolling. Awesome.

Skip to 15:00 to see the part about VELTOP!

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