Steve Greene.

That’s all you need to say about Trike Asylum. Steve is a trike aficionado, someone who is passionate and dedicated to the trike community. I met Steve in the EARLY beginning of JaYoe… even before it was JaYoe. My friend Ryan had made contact with Trike Asylum as soon as we were investigating the possibility of riding a trike, and from then on his website and the man himself have become not only a base of information in the trike world, but my friend.

Steve produced the Trike Asylum page himself. Half personal blog, half a resource for trike riders and stories, Trike Asylum has a TON of info. His website does a great job of delivering the About Us info right on the front page, so check it out!

Also, Steve has written a number of books about riding and his various adventures.   So pick up a copy of one and enjoy!

A little speech from the man himself!

Steve created a space on his site just for JaYoe.  Check it out!

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