TerraCycle, Inc.


5726 SE Center St. Portland OR 97206
1-800-371-5871 (N. America)

503-231-9798 (US Pacific Coast, GMT-8)


EU Distribution and Sales: www.icletta.com


Pat, the president and owner of Terra Cycle, makes cool shit. A lot of the cool shit he makes in turn has made my life a lot more fun.

Terra Cycle produces recumbent accessory parts directly out of his factory in Oregon. In fact.. beyond the actual trike itself, which is a HP Velotechnik Scorpion 20FS, I would have to say the bulk of what is left are accessory parts from T-Cycle. Not only are his accessories useful, but they are many times hand crafted with so much precision that you know as soon as you set your hands on it that you have something that will last and do its job. The “tiger duck”, my trikes nickname, has two handlebar Mini Cockpit T’s, an extendable accessory Cockpit T, Side bag bracket extenders and a bottle holder bracket. I am so happy with it all, I cannot wait till he comes up with something else that makes my life a little easier.

Terra Cycle also now produces an array of amazing and important flashy and stylish cycling flags. I have a couple of them waving proud.

On top of that, Pat is a hell-uv-a guy, and has helped me personally in finding solutions to problems related to and not related to t-cycle. Now that is customer service.

Check em out!

Check out the following link to see videos of the Terra Cycle Accessories I added to my trike setup!

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