HP Velotechnik OHG

Kapellenstrasse 49
65830 Kriftel


phone +49 – 61 92 – 97 99 2 – 0
fax +49 – 61 92 – 97 99 2 – 299



An arial video I shot of the HP Velotechnik facility in June 2015

HP Velotechink is a manufacturer of branded recumbent style bikes and trikes. I found them when I was looking for the company that I would hire to produce my JaYoe World Tour trike. I chose HP Velotechnik after comparing them to the other major trike manufacturers, due to their solid frame design, their myriad of beneficial accessories, and their attention to detail. They produced two of their 20fs scorpion style trikes for me, one for the beginning of my journey and another after a collision with a truck destroyed the first one.
I have traveled to Germany multiple times to not only introduce myself to HP, but also to assist with assembly of my special trikes. You can see the videos I recorded there below.

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