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The Most Comfortable and Useful Recumbent Shorts I Have Used.

How does that sell BendIt? Well its true.

I had a problem. Everywhere I rode, because of the recumbent riding position, change, cellphones, keys, and everything else in my pocket simply fell out when I was riding. It was a constant annoyance. On top of that, nothing seemed to fit properly for me to enjoy the ride and forget about my shorts.

That is, until I got the Expedition Recumbent Shorts from BendIt. I don’t want to focus too much on these shorts, but they do go to show a bit about the underlying company behind them. Well thought out, accessorized without being too cluttered, exceedingly comfortable and even fashionable. These shorts are my flirtation with BendIt, and so my opinion of them is very high.

I also had the pleasure of talking directly with the team in the States, and they helped me get shorts to China, and were very open to my suggestions for a future pair of Recumbent pants and their expedition shorts 2.0.

Beyond the shorts, they produce all varieties of recumbent cycling clothing and gear, all designed for and by us, recumbent riders.

Cant say enough good stuff about them.

Check em out!

Here is a link to their Expedition shorts:

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