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Aidoo is the company that makes the trailer I ended up choosing to ride around the world with. I met them in Germany while I was attending the SPEZI show dedicated to special bikes, trikes and accessories. The trailers they produce are extremely high end, but with that price tag comes an extremely robust and detailed trailer built to order. They produce electric assist trailers, flat bed style, container style (like mine) and have a plethora of accessories.

My trailer has a upgraded Zarges lockable aluminum case, hydraulic brakes, Weber locking Y hitch, aluminum wheel fenders, flag receptacles, straps on the top of the case and a Son HUB Dyanamo powering lights in the back. All of it is very cool. Also something special about this trailer is the suspension. AIDOO hides the suspension inside the frame itself, using a system of dampers and torsion springs, rather than the common heavy spiral spring. This allows the wheels to hug the trailer closer, have less moving parts, and I think that’s pretty cool.

They also have E-assist options, I actually tried one myself. It provides a real boost from behind when you need it.

If you are interested in getting an AIDOO trailer like me, send them an email. They are a family owned company, and focus on things one trailer at a time. It raises the price, but their customer service is bar none.

Fast Forward to 15:11 to see the bit about Aidoo!

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