“Believe you can and you're halfway there”. - Theodore Roosevelt


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Ni HAO people, I’m Ola from Nigeria currently studying at the university of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). Yea, that’s right…CHINA!!! (Hahaha). I have been in china for two years now and it has been amazing. Alright, so the question is how I ended up in china? Well before I answer that question would like to drop some details about myself. Some of you are kind of wondering right now, his Ola his full name, why is he from Nigerian not Spain, his is mum Spanish or does he have a family living in Spain. The answer is NO! My full name is Balogun Olamide Boluwatife. OMG!!! What a long name. So yea I just had to cut my name short for simplicity because my name was just been brutalized by so many people.

Alright enough about me… so yea back to my question, how did I end up studying in China, why not Australia or Canada. Well I really don’t know how to answer that question, all I can remember was me and my Dad chatting over the phone about coming to china and I said YES!!… china is just amazing, so coming to china was just so cool for me. I was just so curious to know what was going on in china, why 88% of almost all products or goods in Nigeria were manufactured in China. The only thing I was struggling with was communicating in mandarin and the fact that I had to use chopsticks to eat every meal (seriously) was killing me. My experience so far in China has been incredibly awesome

I wake up every morning and am super-duper grateful for the family I have here in China. I’m pretty much on the happy side of life every day and I thank God for that, but like everyone I do have my “days off”. That means I do have some pretty bad days. But yea I have got friends who help me out. Working @ JaYoe has been awesome, interesting and yea jayoemazing. Having such an amazing opportunity to work with some of the best colleagues ever has been a blessing. Oh and for my boss, he is just an inspiration to me and right now, I think am getting the best I can out of life and the one thing that makes me happy is seeing everyone happy.♥♥♥

PS: FYI, you really do not wanna mess up with my bosses reef tank because if you do…..Good luck 🙂

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Alright, guess what guys, today is Jens birthday. so we had some photo sections and believe me it was jayosome…I would just like to share some funny stuff we all discussed about after lunch  break today. we all @ jayoe nations wanna be vloggers. isn’t that interesting? we are just so inspired by Matt. So watchout for the Jayoe Nation crews because we are about to take you all on a journey you guys would never forget. shoutout to #jenny#Meli…. Checkout the photos we took today … Happy birthday jenny, wishing you the very best in life. #cheers# 🙂