The Little Story of : OSCAR

Years ago, I had a crab named Oscar. This electric blue leg hermit crab had one of the most unique personalities of almost any reeftank creature I ever had. It was really inspiring. His steadfast determination and desire to live according to his own rules was an example to everyone that met him.

As his antagonist, I tried to get him to conform to what I thought a crab should be, a bottom dwelling forager. But Oscar never conformed, and before long I allowed him to live the way he wanted to live.ften times the bird’s nest coral he enjoyed so much would actually grow around him, forcing me to break sections off just so he could get out.

I recorded this video in 2012, with the plan of creating this video short. But time passed and the clips drifted from the “now” into “then”.

I was happy I could finally resurrect this little story and put it out there like I had intended years ago. Unfortunately, counter to what I say in the end of the story, Oscar met his end year’s later, living life by his own rules. He climbed up out of the tank one day, and tried to venture to an even higher perch from which to watch life pass by. Unfortunately, the only life he saw pass… was his own.

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