Eva has bubbles and she is playing around. Apart from that I also continue rewriting the Seuss book.

I was surprised when I came to the office something cool was going on here, the crew showed me their own vlog recording, called the Office VLOG. I’ve uploaded one of their creation. Check it out on my channel. I was so glad that they’re inspired by me, this is what I’ve been waiting for.

Jenny wants to do a either a food vlog or blog.Ola has an addiction to everything at JaYoe. He likes taking pictures, he wants to do podcasting and the vlog as well. Ana wants to VLOG. A daily vlog, how does it living in China.

Seems like this will be cool, I’m gonna lend them some of my equipment to create their own vlog, and am will let you guys the audience be the judge who has the best vlog. And I’ll come up with a something special.

Jenny, one of my interns she has a birthday. The crew planned a birthday surprise and we had a dinner as well at the Thai restaurant nearby the office. Later on after we had our dinner, however when we returned to the office. Wawa took a crap in the office hahaha. And also Huluobo cannot get control of her left leg.

All in all an amazing day. JaYomazing!

Vlogs for my journey to Everest, the JaYoe World Cycle Trip around the world, and even my every day life living as an American Expatriate in China are uploaded daily in my Youtube channel. If you enjoy my video hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to Subscribe!


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