A bit of a slow day catching up on my business. Had some rough mistakes with regards to my work here in china as a trading import exporter, and I’m trying to resolve them as best I can. Today, I didn’t go to the office just working from home with Anny.
Some rain hit, and it reminded me of when I first came to china, and Ningbo was artificially making it storm by firing rockets into the atmosphere and exploding them to cool down the summer heat. But this time the rain was p different, the wind was pretty strong. But it only lasts for awhile then the sun came up again, sounds weird. The weather been acting strange lately.

Ending with some cute Eva firsts. She has a nice outfit today dedicated to me written “I’M JUST BEING AWESOME LIKE MY DADDY” haha, and then she was trying to lift up her head, seems she has a strong neck!

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