With me back from Nepal, I’m still adjusting. But it is good to be home and included in the activities involving Eva, still growing in Anny’s belly. She will come soon. Can’t wait for that. You will see what Ningbo hospital looks like in this video.

Hospitals in China is very different from US. In China, you have to pay for registration and get the member card of the hospital. After that you go to the department related to the problem you have. The doctor will check you up then put your data in the your member card. After the doctor checked you maybe the doctor will ask you to do another tests (the doctor put this data in your card too). Usually you have to go to the receptionist where you register, swipe your card and pay for the next test. Remember, you have to pay before you check up!!! after you pay then you just go directly to the department that the previous doctor asked for.

But now the system has changed! you don’t need to always go to the receptionist instead just use the machine which the hospital provided. Put some deposits in your member card then the machine will automatically deduct the money from your card. That’s very fast and more convenient.

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