Today we woke up early and left camp 2 for camp 3. I decided that the best strategy would be to leave before the sun came up to avoid the heat of the day. My pace was good and confidence was high on the first half of the climb but not long after the sun eventually came out, things took a turn for the worse. It was snowy but the sun was relentless. I can barely move, I was completely exhausted. I felt lonely and hopeless and dehydrated at the same time. I can’t breath properly because there was little amount of oxygen. I thought that I was gonna die today!

This Mount Everest Expedition is a passion project for me to check off my number one bucket list item. I have had 5 years to go from a man that had never climbed a mountain to gaining the experience, financing and physical strength necessary to set foot on the tallest peak in the world. The rest of my bucket list items will be checked off one by one, as I ride a recumbent cycle around the world, from China to USA.

Vlogs for my journey to Everest, the JaYoe World Cycle Trip around the world, and even my every day life living as an American Expatriate in China are uploaded daily in my Youtube channel here


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