RECORDED: MAY 11th, 2016

So today is another rest day at Camp 2. I am sorry guys yesterday I told you that we were going to continue to climb up to Lhotse Face but then we all agreed to have a day of rest. Good stuff because we all needed it. The trip from base camp (I mean Everest Base Camp) all the way to Camp 2 was very tiring that all you want to do is rest. All you want to do is sit down and get some energy.

We were about to head up into the Lhotse face, we all reflect on the true dangers and risks that lie up ahead. Mind seems to be what kills most (other than natural disaster). You could die simply because of your negative thoughts in your mind. Luckily I have teammates that keep encourage me to keep on going.

Anyway, I’m going up earlier like before at 5 or 5.30 to Camp 3. I want to leave earlier. I think it’s better to go when it’s still cold and put more step to warm up rather than go up when it’s hot. It’s just seems like the hot saps my energy. Well, wish me luck!



P.S. Mount Everest trip is my first solo trip climbing a mountain by myself. This trip is very meaningful to me. As you know, I have been working out these years, saving money to accomplish on of my big life goals! This trip which I thought were merely fantasies is now accomplished!

I am very excited to share my exciting moments in Everest with all of you. Vlogs for my journey to Everest will be uploaded daily in my Youtube channel, check them out here.

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