In today’s VLOG, I decide to take the challenge put forth by the vlog channel Video Influencers. They proposed doubling your video uploads for a month, to try to push creators to make more interesting content and grow your channel by thinking outside the box with regards to finding new and interesting ways to put out video. I took them up on their challenge! You will see new episodes of Vlogging 101, China 101 and bits and pieces of long lost footage coming out this month. I put out 43 videos last month, so I need to go 86 or more this month. Whew.

Other than that… I have some updates on the amazing response to the intern vlogs, and I got some gear back from Randy’s offce so I can start churning out some fun video. While I was at Randy’s office I got an amazing, no drone needed, view of the city…. ohh and some adorable Eva.

See the video from Video Influencers I was talking about here:

See me eating that huge whopper here:

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