There was a lot going on today… a real action packed day!
Ill just list it one by one.
Today…. We…
Learned about Chinese names.
Sexersizing!?…. NOT!
Learned the backstory relationship with the Ningbo Focus Magazine
Considered taking part in a feature film project
Learned about common chinese housing
Found out a few facts about what VISAs are in china
Learned about my trip to Hong Kong next week
Talked about my trip down into the construction of the Ningbo Subway (
Walked thru Tianyi Square
Leaned 1-10 in Chinese
Talked about my first Chinese clubbing location
Found a place selling every part of the duck we don’t like
Visited a Chinese grocery store
Walked thru isles of dried fish, green tea, lots of woks, hanging ducks, chopped meat, jelly fish, life shrimp, crabs, fish and turtles in bags….
Found out about Chinese flat escalators
Learned about why Chinese build great quality glass fish tanks/aquariums
Learned the meaning of Ningbo 宁波
Talked a little about the Rio Olympics
Ate some street food…..

Whew…. Hope you enjoy!

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