Baby Eva is growing bigger and bigger everyday. As she getting bigger she is getting cuter too. Anyways the quest for the key begins again. Lets hope this sequel ends with some better news than the last few times I have lost my mind.

Along the journey, I talk about how hard Chinese beds are, I explain how crazy Chinese car accident etiquette works, do some shopping, and get my GoPro in the office and send Jennifer off on a 24 hour Shanghai VLOG adventure. 

Vlogs for my journey to Everest, the JaYoe World Cycle Trip around the world, and even my every day life living as an American Expatriate in China are uploaded daily in my Youtube channel. If you enjoy my video, support me by hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to Subscribe!

Audio Tracks:

Winter trip hop by Quiqstudio
Summer Loop 18 by Summer Loops
Funky Avenue by Iemega


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