RECORDED: APRIL 13th, 2016

Not feeling well, I skipped today’s day hike to Kalapatar. Instead I just hung out around base camp.

My “daily” vlogs here start to become less daily. Call it lack of charging opportunities, call it being under the weather and deprived of oxygen, but whatever the case, I am sorry. I am going to start stitching content together to tell the story of my time at base camp.

After I get thru with my expedition story, I will get back online with proper daily VLOGing….

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Born in Detroit. The son of a hard working innovator and a selfless homemaker. Raised to dream. Bred to believe we are put on this earth to make a difference. Left home at 19. Moved to Las Vegas at 25. Moved to China at 30. Began to Journey at 35. More to come.

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