Day after my long day, I get to meet some of the Everest team and do some bonding while I roam Kathmandu. What do you think about my gears? I knew it’s a lot! but you won’t know what you need in base camp so it’s better to prepare more than less. Good news! Dawa Sherpa told me that there will be a wifi in the base camp, so one time per day I will be able to upload something to keep you guys updated.

I actually supposed to climb Everest last year but then I couldn’t because I’ve got hit by a truck and soon heard the avalanche tragedy in 2015. I was very lucky! Dawa Sherpa was in the base camp last year and he shared us the story about the tragedy.

I also did a small shopping with James around the Kathmandu market. It was fun!

I updated my podcast at… just when I arrived at Kathmandu.

Anyways, thank you for watching and stay tuned for more Everest video! If you guys have any questions you can comment down bellow or goes to my facebook page, send me a message. I’ll be more than happy to reply your message.

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P.S. Mount Everest trip is my first solo trip climbing a mountain by myself. This trip is very meaningful to me. As you know, I have been working out these years, saving money to accomplish on of my big life goals! This trip which I thought were merely fantasies is now accomplished!

I am very excited to share my exciting moments in Everest with all of you. Vlogs for my journey to Everest will be uploaded daily in my Youtube channel, check them out here.

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