Today is a big day! I have been preparing this trip for years. I’m more than ready to climb Everest! Anny misses me before I even leave. She actually really want to come with me but she couldn’t cause she is pregnant. too bad! Anyways, I left Ningbo to grab a dinner with a old friend in Shanghai. Early tomorrow I board a plane to leave China for Nepal…. and put this adventure into gear!

If you would like to know more about my Sherpa friend Temba, check out his Wikipedia page:



P.S. Mount Everest trip is my first solo trip climbing a mountain by myself. This trip is very meaningful to me. As you know, I have been working out these years, saving money to accomplish on of my big life goals! This trip which I thought were merely fantasies is now accomplished!

I am very excited to share my exciting moments in Everest with all of you. Vlogs for my journey to Everest will be uploaded daily in my Youtube channel, check them out here.

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