In the story of ever escalating altitudes, this is a significant 3rd climb. Muztagh Ata stands 7,546 meters tall, and marks the western edge of the KunLun Mountain Chain. Seeing as though I was out of commission for my trike around the world mission for a little while, I decided to check the “over 7000m climb” box off my Everest checklist. Muztagh Ata, meaning “father of the ice mountains”, is not the most technical climb, but it is Long and Tall.

In China, just a stones throw from Tajikistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan, Anny and I embarked on the expedition with a experienced crew and a gaggle of other Chinese climbers.

This first video chronicles the lead up to arriving at mountain, along with our first ascent to Advanced Base Camp. This climb, as in our others, presents its own unique sets of challenges.. and for me in particular, challenged my attitude and had me giving myself a “metal” check.

There will always be a down but also always an up,
your moods depend on which of the two
you pay the most attention to.


If you like the music in this video you can find
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Emotional Journey – L Ray Music
Dreamland – Lightning Traveler
Feeling Good Banjo
Long Drive Home – NickDi
River bank – Studio Monkey
Monkey Folk

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