After climbing HABA, I still didn’t have the experience necessary to confidently tackle something like Everest. I wanted to get over 6000 meters on my next climb.

Enter Yuzhu Feng. 6224 meters tall, Yuzhu Feng is not the most technical, but it will get you over the height threshold to experience environments where oxygen is thinning. Anny joined me again as we travelled thru the Tibetan region in the Qinghai province, relinquishing my passport to authorities along the way.

Anny has seen better days, and I thought I lost her at a few moments on this trip due to altitude sickness, but she came thru like a trooper again and we conquered the Sob Gangri.

This video sets up the precursor for my highest climb yet… happening in a couple weeks. I thought it would be good to see my climbing experience before my next climb!

But before I come back to current, take a trip with me to Xian in the next chapter.. a visit I made after we got down the mountain in this episode.

Climbing is as close as we can come to flying.

Margaret Young

The JaYoe Travelogues are a video series documenting the experiences on the road as I travel on my recumbent trike from Ningbo, China to the USA. Thru my lens, I hope to give you a glimpse of the lives, moments, triumphs and trials along the way.

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