Jason Hall and this crew at the QSI Shenzhen International School of SheKou Heath and Science and Filmmaking programs heard I was coming to town. So they asked if I could let them do a few road tests to pit the trike against some other forms of cycle transportation. So they found a steep hill…. Got a road bike and mountain bike together… and had me run a few trials up and down to test out some theories they had. SO what is more efficient? Let’s See!

For more detailed information about what the results of the tests were… download the following file by clicking here: http://www.jayoe.com/files/ridedata.zip

Theories might inspire you, but experiments will advance you.

Amit Kalantri

If you like the music in this video you can find
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Tumbleweed – Studio Monkey http://audiojungle.net/item/tumbleweed/8934992
Passing Years – jhunger http://audiojungle.net/item/passing-years/3720485

The JaYoe Travelogues are a video series documenting the experiences on the road as I travel on my recumbent trike from Ningbo, China to the USA. Thru my lens, I hope to give you a glimpse of the lives, moments, triumphs and trials along the way.

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