Shenzhen is a great city, situated opposite Hong Kong in southeastern China. It is one of the biggest destinations I have arrived at so far, marking the last big city before I get to Vietnam. Ill be hanging out here for a month while I accomplish some mini “goals”… I have a talk at a international school, some road testing of the trike, a workout regiment, some visits to Hong Kong and a bunch of other things. So follow me as I take an initial ride of the city.

A city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time.

James E. Starrs

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Emotional Journey – L Ray Music
An Endless Horizon – SchwartzSound
Midnight in Tokyo – BlueFoxMusic
Friday Afternoon – jhunger

The JaYoe Travelogues are a video series documenting the experiences on the road as I travel on my recumbent trike from Ningbo, China to the USA. Thru my lens, I hope to give you a glimpse of the lives, moments, triumphs and trials along the way.

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