Real travelers, on a real journey, talking about real drama as they roam the world.

Real Travel, Real Talk

Talk about a variety of topics.  Centered around travel, but not limited to it, you can learn about and connect with me as I go.

Gear Talk and Reviews

As I progress around the world, I can let you know what is working and what is not working.  From cycling gear, travel gear and accessories and products that make life more liveable on the road, you will be able to learn from my experiences.

Tales from Around the World

Some of the most amazing aspects of travel come in the conversations with your fellow man… or woman.  Join me as I speak with interesting people doing interesting things, from all over.

No Time Limits

Podcasts don’t have time limits, they can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as a hour or more.  It all depends on how in depth the topic of conversation happens to be.

The JaYoe Nation Podcast was created to fill a niche and inform the people interested in travel and some of the finer points of our trip.  Video is great, but often times its hard to set up the shots that get the real natural moment and you are trying to capture.  Thru simple recorded dialogue, you can paint a picture in your mind and in some ways connect on a higher level with the person talking.  That… and the fact that you can pump some iron at the same time!



"Add Fuel To Life"