With Everest only a few days away, I am trying to wrap up things, and make sure Everest is going to be a great success without worry. I have also started a new project, the JY_VLOG, which will fit into the Travelogue, Podcast, and other content I have created. I think it will be a good fit.
Training almost finished, I also bring in my trainer Xu to talk with the podcast, and give his insight into how he has been preparing my body for the mountain.



Casey Neistat is the guy I was inspired by.  Check out his VLOG to see what got me so interested.



If you want to see my PLAYLIST on YOUTUBE for the JY_VLOG, you can see it right here.



OOH… and that video that went viral… in case you dont want to go searching for it.  Check out the view counter!



Here is the picture of my “awesome” little JaYoe shirt….


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The JaYoe Nation Podcast follows Matt as he makes his way from China all the way to USA on the seat of a recumbent trike. This podcast gives you a chance to see the in’s and out’s of what goes into traveling around the world. Learn about the places, people, and cultures as well as the gear and personal journey’s that take place during a tour like this.

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