I am about to take off for the JaYoe World Tour 2.0… and my new trike and trailer setup has been upgraded and is ready to go. Let me give you a little tour of my new rig.

– My new trike is the same as the first one, a HP Velotechnik Scorpion 20fs, but this time I had it painted “JaYoe” yellow.

– The front chain ring this time has been upgraded to a Schlumpf Speed Drive, instead of a bulky derailer.

– Terra Cycle in Oregon (www.t-cycle.com ) have hooked me up with some amazing new brackets and accessories to mount my phone, camera, and Garmin 1000 Edge cycle computer.

– My seat cover was custom sewn by a company owned by a new friend in Pakistan. His company is called Paktrike, and the seat cover he made for me is awesome! (https://www.facebook.com/Paktrike )

– Terra Cycle also hooked me up with a bracket that allows me to put 2 side bags on either side of my seat, this is going to be incredibly useful on the road!

– The side bags are from a company called Arkel (www.arkel-od.com ), and not only are fantastic quality and are large enough to suit my needs, but they are waterproof too. My rear panniers are the same.

– My new Trailer is awesome. Produced by a company called AIDOO in Germany (http://www.aidoo-tec.com/ ), it has been designed and built according to all my needs on the road! The ideal trailer for a trip around the world!!

– On top of that, I have upgraded and included more lights on the trailer, adding visibility, powered by a SON hub dynamo and a USB Converter E-WERK by Busch & Müller (www.nabendynamo.de ) http://www.bumm.de/produkte/e-werk/e-werk.html.

An Amazing Kit! So let me give you a little tour!

All the points in this video are mapped out on the JaYoe Map page, so if you are interested to go exploring yourself… you will know where to go. Check out the map page at: http://jayoe.com/map/#

The JaYoe Travelogues follow Matt as he rides his trike from China to USA. Thru 100 countries he ventures, seeing, doing and meeting along the way.


If you like the music in this video you can find the links to it below!


Dirty Swamp Jack – McNeelyPictureMusic

Dreamland – Lightning Traveler

Estatic -fobee


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