Ok… so I took a good test ride around a lake here in Ningbo called Dongqian Lake. It is a perfect obstacle test track, with traffic, trails, speed bumps, long inclines, some steep hills, and some downhills as well. All things I want to ride fully loaded with my new Schlumpf, Veltop, and trailer.

This video is really rough… not big edits… I just wanted to show you my ride as raw as possible so I can get it online tonight here in china. Sorry for the shaky footage.

I also had my first wipe out, as I made a sharp turn into a boggy drainage ditch, my left tire bogged in and I rotated 90 degrees. Not a big deal, and it was something I wanted to encounter here before I went. A little mud… but besides that no biggie. I think I am a little bit top heavy with my drone box.. and that could have led to the flip a little bit.

Anyway… enjoy my shaky first fully loaded and equipped trip around Dong Qian Lake….

Also… can anyone tell me about the creak coming from my front boom? Its really annoying, and I have already tightened the 2 screws down as far as I think they should go…

Here are Links to my Garmin Data for the trip!


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  • Keep on Trekking …..!

  • I thought the run was a great run for your first time out on the road since you accident with a full load, you looked as you did well…!

  • Mike Farley says:

    Excellent!!! The “industrial quality” video is quite good. I don’t understand how you get the relatively shake free video hand held. I sure can’t do it. I hope you’re happy with the video quality, and that using this quality of video makes the work less demanding. Great story, great scenery, great people interactions.

    One technical question – were you able to test high speed braking?

    Thanks for the update! Ja Yoe!

    • matt says:

      Hey Mike…. yea i have been sort of a do it all video producer for the last few years… i have tripods for a lot of those shots.. and for the ones where i was riding and talking, my guy holding the camera had a full on glide cam stabilizer… unfortunately that is one thing i will not be able to take one the road…
      I wish i can put more videos of this caliber out.. and even better…. i really want to sharpen my skills… you should see what i was producing 10 years ago.
      I have tested the brakes… and when you clamp down the 2 front, and the trailer…. it stops on a dime…

    • I think you’re filming with the handheld brings more realism to your adventure, so I would say just go with that, as well as your drone, which I would like to hear more about and how it is beneficial to your journey.. As for all the big filming equipment, I would try to figure an alternative, and only because of the excessive weight… But I am no better because of my choice to really ruff it sort a of speak, and tow a 3’ft. 6″ in. X 8′.00 ft. trailer just for my sleeping and galley, because of the human compartment interior is only 32 3/4 ” wide X 72 3/4 ” long and somewhere around 36″ in height , with a a/c system I designed, to provide fresh air and cooling needed at the end of the days hump on my trek, to the Keys.. Then there is my galley at 19″ in. in depth x 36″ in in height.. Yet staying aerodynamically, with in my Q-4’s draft… But still heavy yet, weighing in at total striped, with out any thing else, such as sleeping bag and other things needed such as clothes, as well as food supply and cooking utensils, and etcetera.. But that is just my preference’s, as you have yours… Ja Yoe…!

    • I’m so very sorry, I neglected to give you the stripped down weight of the Armadillo as I call it..!
      But the weight is just 106 lbs. or 48.0808 kilos… I apologize again for neglecting to give you this weight amount in my previous comment… Zack

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