So how does one conceive of a trip around the world like this?  Well it was not a quick or easy decision.  I had to weigh the opportunity of doing something amazing against the sacrifice of comfortable living.  When you boil it down… for me it is all about living a life that I can look at proudly and be fulfilled.  A life I can honestly look at and say… JaYoe!



Who is Matt… and why is he doing this?!

It is very easy to assume someone ready to drop everything and ride a trike around the world is a little loony. In a way… aren’t we all a little loony? I don’t consider myself abnormal, but I have developed a craving for adventure and far flung experiences.



What exactly is the plan for this ride around the world?!

Its easy. I am riding a tricycle around the world. Haven’t you been listening? OK… OK… there is a little more to it than that. I have been planning this for the past 2 years. You cannot account for everything, but you can do you best to be prepared.



How do you plan to ride around the world… sir?!

Well… first… don’t call me sir. Now that we have that taken care of, I discovered a interesting mode of transportation courtesy of my friend Ryan. It is called a trike, but i think 3 wheel cycle is a little cooler… don’t you?



I try not to lay down too many specifics, so my plan is fairly simple.

Make my way thru the world.

This is not a race from A to B.  It is instead a progression.  Sticking to the path I have laid out, it is my mission to grow as an individual.  If along the way life pulls at me to adjust direction slightly, or stay in one place for a short while, I can allow myself to do so.  Bending and bowing to the ways of the world.

just keep moving forward.

What I cannot do is turn back.  I have made it a life mission to explore.  I have learned that with every step forward, skills, relationships, objectives are all achieved.  Nothing is achieved by going backwards.

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MOSo how should I go around the world? Many choose to fly.  But then you are just hopping around, missing so much.  Could drive, but then you are separating yourself from the world in an isolated container that required registration and paperwork.  Hitchhiking?  Sure… that always works out in the movies I have seen(insert sarcasm here).  No… I have decided on a unique mode of transportation that combines the power of the human body, a pace that can allow you to really taste the planet, a little bit of comfort and fairly simple construction.  I call it was 3-wheeled cycle, but technically it is called a Trike, a truly adult version of a big wheel you may have had as a kid.

[/modal-content] [modal-content name=”modal2″ width=”600px” height=”550px”] I grew up in a small suburb of Detroit, Michigan.  As a youth I realized that I have a passion for designing and inventing.  Early on I learned that with some ingenuity, anything is possible.  From this passion I built a business designing and manufacturing products.

Fast forward to now… After a few failures, a few successes, and a lot of lessons learned, I find myself living in China.  The challenges I have faced being a stranger in a strange land have fueled an insatiable desire for adventure and travel.  The people I have met and the things I have seen made me realize the world is vast and diverse, and waiting ever patiently to be explored.

June 21, 1979
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Favorite Book:
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
What Excites Me:
Changing Scenery
Photography/Video, Dizi, Erhu, Bicycle Riding, Physical Fitness, Frisbee
Countries Visited:
America, Mexico, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India.
Meeting New People, Challenging Myself, Learning New Skills


“Life Is What You Make Of It”